BreastfeedLA advocates for breastfeeding families by identifying the barriers to successful breastfeeding.

Currently, mothers commonly face barriers such as:

  • hospital policies that discourage breastfeeding
  • health insurance reimbursement problem
  • workplace discrimination on the basis of breastfeeding
  • public breastfeeding discrimination

Addressing these barriers is a major focus of our work.

BreastfeedLA, working with community partners, has championed legislation that:

  • mandated HMO coverage of breastfeeding services and pumps,
  • require state agencies to inform pregnant women about current lactation accommodation laws
  • mandated hospital policies to support breastfeeding
  • made breastfeeding a civil right in California
  • removes barriers to CalWORKS participants who are breastfeeding

Become a volunteer BreastfeedLA ambassador and join our advocacy work!

For more information,


How to find your California Legislators

  • Feeding the Future – A Fall Fundraiser!!

    Join us for food, fun prizes, and a fundraising event for BreastfeedLA!

    We would like to introduce our new Executcive Director to the community as well as some wonderful new consultants.

    We will have a silent auction and raffle prizes!

    Use this time to learn more about where BreastfeedLA is headed and network with colleagues and other breastfeeding supporters from LA County.

    Breastfeed LA is dedicated to improving the health and well being of infants and families through education, outreach, and advocacy to promote and support breastfeeding.

    If you are unable to attend and still want to show your support for BreastfeedLA, please donate here.

    Co-Sponsored by The Mother Nurture Center

    Register here!!

  • Healthcare

    The Regional Hospital Breastfeeding Consortium (RHBC) meetings to provide ongoing support and guidance for staff from participating hospitals. Learn more

  • LA Convention Center-Breastfeeding Friendly!

    Learn more here.

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