BreastfeedLA advocates for breastfeeding families by identifying the barriers to successful breastfeeding.

Currently, mothers commonly face barriers such as:

  • hospital policies that discourage breastfeeding
  • health insurance reimbursement problem
  • workplace discrimination on the basis of breastfeeding
  • public breastfeeding discrimination

Addressing these barriers is a major focus of our work.

BreastfeedLA, working with community partners, has championed legislation that:

  • mandated HMO coverage of breastfeeding services and pumps,
  • require state agencies to inform pregnant women about current lactation accommodation laws
  • mandated hospital policies to support breastfeeding
  • made breastfeeding a civil right in California
  • removes barriers to CalWORKS participants who are breastfeeding

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How to find your California Legislators

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