Employer Policy

Policy drives practice.  Employers with a clear lactation accommodation policy:

  • Communicate support for their employees
  • Create clear guidance for supervisors and employees
  • Comply with the laws

BreastfeedLA recommends the following template policy, complete with references to all laws:

BreastfeedLA Model Policy

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) also endorses this policy.


Here are some examples of model employee policy:


City of Los Angeles

County of Los Angeles

City of Rancho Cucamonga



K-12 Education

California School Board Association has created a sample policy for all California K-12 Schools.

Higher Education

University of Southern California  See their listing of lactation rooms.  Also applies to their medical centers.

University of California, Los Angeles – Also applies to their medical centers.  2 of the 15 designated lactation rooms are listed here.

University of California, Office of the President – systemwide lactation accommodation policy affecting all of the UCs!

Outside the USA

Phillipines  Comprehensive State Law  PRESS RELEASE  “It has been 3 years since RA 10028 was passed, and 2 years since its Implementing Rules and Regulations were approved. The law and the IRR mandate the establishment of lactation stations in all public places and work places. I still receive complaints from pregnant and breastfeeding mothers that their offices are non-compliant. Although, I am happy to see breastfeeding/lactation station in public places like malls and some airports, there are still many places that have not complied.”