Breastfeeding and Custody

Parenting through divorce and/or separation can be a difficult.

Many judges and lawyers are unfamiliar with how to provide a fair custody agreement that will:

  • protect a mother’s milk supply
  • ensure optimal nutrition and
  • ensure optimal bonding for both the mother and the father

Put the needs of the child first

All parents and their advocates should engage in relationship solutions that puts the needs of the child first.

A good resource for this type of mediation can be found here:

Resources to support the health benefits of breastfeeding:

AAP Breastfeeding Statement – which recommends breastfeeding for as long as it is mutually beneficial for both mother and baby (no upper limit)

The US Surgeon Generals Call To Action To Support Breastfeeding

Examples of Breastfeeding and Custody agreements:

This “graduated” custody plan is based on the Los Angeles Superior Court Parenting Plan (BreastfeedLA does not endorse this attorney, per se – just the information on site.)

A good article about Custody and Breastfeeding

More resources on Custody and Breastfeeding:

  • California Department of Public Health

    New In-Hospital Breastfeeding Data.

    Read more here!

  • Healthcare

    The Regional Hospital Breastfeeding Consortium (RHBC) meetings to provide ongoing support and guidance for staff from participating hospitals. Learn more

  • LA Convention Center-Breastfeeding Friendly!

    Learn more here.

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