Get Your Nominations in for the BreastfeedLA Impact Awards!

Our Spring Into Giving event on April 29th is just around the corner!  Once again, we will be presenting our Impact Awards which highlights those that have made an impact in the field of lactation and breastfeeding.
The purpose of the award is to acknowledge “the best of the best” in our diverse and active lactation community. The name Impact Award was chosen because the word IMPACT resonated in all of our collective goals:
* To IMPACT breastfeeding rates
* To IMPACT access to quality breastfeeding education
* To IMPACT equitable breastfeeding support
* To IMPACT legislation that affects lactation accommodations and breastfeeding rights
Nominations are limited to Los Angeles County and can include clinics, health departments, hospitals, community organizations, private businesses, daycare centers, schools, government agency, and any person or entity you feel is making an impact in supporting breastfeeding.

Applications can be found HERE.

Let the rest of Los Angeles County know what you already know. Get nominating!
  • California Department of Public Health

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  • Healthcare

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  • LA Convention Center-Breastfeeding Friendly!

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