Keys to Credentials Listed Within

ANLC – Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant
BA/BS/BSN – Bachelor of Arts/Science/Nursing
CCE – Certified Childbirth Educator
CLE(C) – Certified Lactation Educator (Counselor) *For L.A. County-area undergrad/grad students, these are often associated with UCSD and CSUN, please see below
CLC – Certified Lactation Consultant
CNM/CPM – Certified Nurse Midwife / Certified Professional Midwife
CNS -Clinical Nurse Specialist
DC – Doctor of Chiropractic
FACCE – Fellow of American College of Childbirth Educators
IBCLC (RLC) – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Registered Lactation Consultant)
LCCE – Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
LE – Lactation Educator
LEAARC – Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee *For more information, please see below
LM – Licensed Midwife
LVN – Licensed Vocational Nurse
MA/ MS/ MN – Master of Arts /Science /Nursing
MD – Medical Doctor
MPH – Master of Public Health
(R) (CP) NP – (Registered) (Certified Pediatric) Nurse Practitioner
OTR/L – Occupational Therapist, Registered/Licensed
PCD – Postpartum Certified Doula
PHN – Public Health Nurse
PT – Physical Therapist
RD – Registered Dietitian
RN (C) – Registered Nurse (Certified)

Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) – has successfully completed a minimum one week course in basic lactation and its management, and required post seminar homework which may include a clinical component

CLE from California State University, Northridge – semester-long lactation education course where participants receive a certificate of course completion which enables them to use the designation certificated lactation educators (CLE)

Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC) – unique to University of California, San Diego lactation program. Persons completing in-person (1 week) or online (12 weeks) Lactation Educator Counselor training course, which may or may not include clinical hours, may use the designation certificated lactation educator counselors (CLEC)

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) – has taken a minimum one week course in lactation counseling and passed a post test.

Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) – has had advanced formal lactation education and supervised clinical training.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) – most have had extensive formal lactation education and clinical training; has passed an international certification exam and has continuing education requirements in lactation. Re-certifies every 5 years. May also use term “Registered” (RLC). All licensed health practitioners have additional continuing education requirements to remain current in their respective fields.

About LEAARC: Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC). LEAARC reviews lactation and breastfeeding education offered in a variety of settings. Lactation and breastfeeding courses receive LEAARC endorsement after voluntary review of their instruction and business standards. Academic lactation programs receive a recommendation for accreditation after a rigorous self-evaluation process assessing every aspect of the program’s administration. Accreditation recommendation to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) for Pathway 2 academic lactation programs that provide the didactic and clinical instruction to prepare students to become International Board Certified Lactation Consultants ®

This list reviewed and updated 04/04/17

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