Prior to Birth

A Mother’s 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding: Even if your hospital isn’t Baby Friendly – (Spanish)
This Task Force fact sheet gives you information on both the 10 Steps to becoming a ‘Baby Friendly Hospital’ as well as information for moms on how to breastfeed successfully

Baby Friendly USA 
Check here to see if your birthing facility is Baby Friendly
Use this website to compare breastfeeding rates at hospitals in your area or to see your hospital’s maternity grade

Things That Interfere Handout
This handout will give you tips on common things that can happen in the hospital that interfere with breastfeeding

Trust Your Baby Handout
This great handout will give you tips on what to say to nurses and physicians to let them know that you want to breastfeed and to prevent them from doing anything that will interfere with breastfeeding

Fathers Supporting Breastfeeding
Fathers Supporting Breastfeeding is a project of the US Food and Nutrition Services targeted to African American fathers so that they may positively impact a mother’s decision to breastfeed. The project is part of a continual effort to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration rates among African American women by involving fathers in breastfeeding promotion efforts.

La Leche League International FAQs 
Answers to FAQs by one of the most trusted names in lactation

Simple Ways to Calm A Crying Baby…and Have A More Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Most parents want to know that they have the best tools to help their baby and family stay calm and get some rest during the night.  These research-based suggestions help families feel more comfortable as they transition to life with a new baby in the house.

  • California Department of Public Health

    New In-Hospital Breastfeeding Data.

    Read more here!

  • Healthcare

    The Regional Hospital Breastfeeding Consortium (RHBC) meetings to provide ongoing support and guidance for staff from participating hospitals. Learn more

  • LA Convention Center-Breastfeeding Friendly!

    Learn more here.

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