Regional Hospital Breastfeeding Consortium (RHBC)

 Region SPA* Meeting Time Contact person
RHBC North SPA 1, 2 1st Thursday of the month 10:00-12:00 Shameeka Correia Fill
RHBC South SPA 6, 7, 8 2nd Tuesday of the month 10:00-12:00 Roberto Luna
RHBC East SPA 3, 4 4th Wednesday of the month 9:30-11:30 Wendy McGrail
RHBC West SPA 5 3rd Wednesday of the month 10:00-12:00 Helen O’Connor

*SPA = Service Planning Area. Department of Public Health’s SPA map.

The Regional Hospital Breastfeeding Consortium (RHBC) meetings provide ongoing support and guidance for staff from participating hospitals and community partners. This consortium is co-hosted by BreastfeedLA, PAC/LAC, WIC, and the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health.


This policy initiative brings together public health officials, hospital administrators, and breastfeeding and quality improvement experts to discuss meaningful ways to create systems change and improve in-hospital breastfeeding policies and practices.


Insurance Resources

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  • Healthcare

    The Regional Hospital Breastfeeding Consortium (RHBC) meetings to provide ongoing support and guidance for staff from participating hospitals. Learn more

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