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Please join us on Friday, April 21 from 8am to 3 pm for “Birth, Breastfeeding, and 21st Century Science” with Tom Johnston, CNM, IBCLC


Despite the known risk factors, cesarean delivery rates continue to climb in much of the western world. It seems clear that
individual provider and hospital practices have more to do with cesarean rates than maternal-fetal wellness. This presentation will discuss practices shown to decrease the risk of cesarean section and what the Labor and Delivery nurse can do to help prevent cesarean section within their facilities.
Fathers are an undervalued resource in breastfeeding, often ignored or treated with indifference. This presentation highlights the unique role of the father as the primary breastfeeding coach and the mother’s
primary care giver upon discharge from the hospital. It also provides an insight into the male mind and how to talk to fathers. In addition, it covers effective teaching strategies to bring fathers into the
breastfeeding relationship.
Do you know how it happens that a mother who breastfeeds her child is more likely to “match” as an organ donor than a mother who does not breastfeed her child? The answer may lie in the Maternal-Newborn Microbiome, AKA “The Oro-boobular” axis. While it appears clear that the suckling infant’s intestinal microbiome communicates with the mother’s lactocytes and perhaps beyond, little is known about the effects of this biological interaction in practical terms. This presentation will review what is known and attempt to explain what it means, both now and for the future


– Preventing the First Cesarean Section, a discussion of evidence-based practices shown to help reduce the risk of cesarean birth and how to best support those practices

– A Father’s Role in Breastfeeding, a humorous and insightful look at the critical role a father can play in breastfeeding

– The Maternal-Newborn Microbiome or “Oro-Boobular” Axis: What Do We Know and What Does It Mean?, the latest on what is known about how the suckling infant communicates with its mother, creating a biologically-active network and system

About the Speaker

Tom Johnston is unique as a midwife and lactation consultant and the father of eight breastfed children. Recently retired after 27 years in the US Army, he is now an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Methodist University where he teaches, among other things, Maternal-Child Nursing and Nutrition. You may have heard him at a number of conferences at the national level, to include the Association of Woman’s Health and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), the International Lactation Consultant’s Association (ILCA), or at perhaps dozens of other conferences across the country. In his written work he routinely addresses fatherhood and the role of the father in the breastfeeding relationship and has authored a chapter on the role of the father in breastfeeding for “Breastfeeding in Combat Boots: A survival guide to breastfeeding in the military”. Learn more about Tom at

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This seminar is located at St Francis Medical Center.

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Lactation Consultants: BreastfeedLA is an approved Long-Term Provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners #CLT113-36. 5 L CERPs will be awarded.

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