BreastfeedLA Legislative Ambassadors

BreastfeedLA advocates for breastfeeding families by identifying the barriers to successful breastfeeding.

Currently, mothers commonly face barriers such as:

  • Hospital policies that discourage breastfeeding
  • Health insurance reimbursement problems
  • Workplace discrimination on the basis of breastfeeding
  • Public breastfeeding discrimination

Addressing these barriers is a major focus of our work.

BreastfeedLA, working with community partners, has championed legislation that:

  • Mandated HMO coverage of breastfeeding services and pumps,
  • Required state agencies to inform pregnant women about current lactation accommodation laws
  • Mandated hospital policies to support breastfeeding
  • Made breastfeeding a civil right in California
  • Removed barriers to CalWORKS participants who are breastfeeding

Become a volunteer BreastfeedLA Legislative Ambassador and join our advocacy work! BreastfeedLA Ambassadors are volunteers who:

  • Advocate for breastfeeding-friendly legislation
  • Write letters and takes meetings with Federal and California policy makers
  • Educate their communities and employers about breastfeeding policy
  • Share BreastfeedLA policy positions, action alerts and messages

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a BreastfeedLA liaison with the assigned state legislators
  • Familiarize yourself with the legislator’s position on breastfeeding
  • Develop a relationship with the legislator and the appropriate health policy
  • Request to be included in district mailings to constituents
  • Receive notices of local meetings/hearings conducted by legislators
  • Maintain records of your advocacy correspondence/contacts
  • Document and share reports of all contacts (phone, letter, visit) and outcomes to BreastfeedLA staff
  • Participate in the BreastfeedLA Ambassadors training
  • Attend Special Policy Days, held annually in June, to advocate for breastfeeding, if available

For more information and to sign up, please contact:  info@Breastfeedla.org

How to find your California Legislators